Cubs of the ISIS caliphate are coming to Afghanistan

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Cubs of the Caliphate is what the children's wing of the ISIS is known as. It has begun to take shape in a big way and has all the making of a lethal arm of the ISIS which is now steadily expanding into Afghanistan.

The Cubs of the Caliphate took shape in Syria and was introduced by the ISIS. The violence in Syria has kept 2 lakh children at homes and they have not been able to attend schools for the past year or so.

ISIS training its young guns in Afghan

The ISIS has used this to their advantage and their Syria camp of the Cubs of Caliphate today has 400 children training for various activities.

Catch them young and make them lethal

It is a known fact that the ISIS wants to build a second rung of its army. It realizes that it would be engaged in a long drawn battle and would lose a lot of its men and women. The Cubs of the Caliphate is meant to address this problem and ensure that there is a steady supply of people to continue the war.

At first the children were roped and only imparted education of the Sharia law. However there are some children who innocently fall trap for the lure of the guns as though they are in a movie.

This has been capitalized by the ISIS and there are several children in the age group or 10 to 12 who are made to undergo a hardcore military regime. What is worse these children are also taught how to behead people and there is a camp which makes them practise beheading on dolls.

Implementation in Afghanistan

The Cubs of the Caliphate is most likely to be implemented in Afghanistan as well. The ISIS has been making major inroads into Afghanistan. The US has decided to hold back 9800 of its soldiers in

Afghanistan and this has become a major selling point for the ISIS.

In Afghanistan there are a considerable number of children who do not have the required access to schools and education. The ISIS is bound to capitalize on it. They have a brute force and are good at capturing the imagination of the radical lot.

In addition to this with the kind of money that the group has it is easier for them to buy out soldiers.

Security experts say that the plan of the ISIS for Afghanistan would be similar to the one that they have undertaken in Syria as well. They will have a full fledged outfit and in the days to come the focus will shift more towards Afghanistan.

The Pakistan controlled Good Taliban and the Al-Qaeda are attempting a revival and the ISIS is the group which will engage with them in a turf war.

Salaries for the boys

The ISIS not just ropes in the boys with the lure of guns or by force. They have been paying the boys a handsome salary too. It has been found that the boys are trained until they turn 15.

If they decided to take up the role of a soldier, then the ISIS not only provides them with a salary, but also assures to take care of their family members.

In Afghanistan they are likely to use the same strategy. The inflow of money is not a problem for the ISIS. They will offer parents a lot of money and also assure to look after them if they send their children.

Security experts say that 8 out 10 parents in such war torn zones agree to send at least one of their children to the battle front if they are provided for well.

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