Why did CBI call Kejriwal's Principal Secretary a 'Sheshnag'

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There were some dramatic submissions made by the Central Bureau of Investigation which had sought custody of Rajender Kumar, the Principal Secretary to Delhi Chief Arvind Kejriwal. He intimidated and influenced the witnesses in the alleged case of corruption which the CBI has filed against him, the agency informed the court.

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However the most of dramatic of all the submissions made by the CBI was when they referred to Kumar as the Sheshnag or snake king. The CBI explained to the court the logic behind using the term Sheshnag. The counsel told the court it was Kumar who had controlled the entire Delhi government single handedly. He had misused his position, abused power in order to get contracts from the Delhi government for a firm, the CBI also said in court.

The case against Kumar:

Last year following a search at the Delhi secretariat, the CBI had registered a case against Kumar and also the directors of a private software solutions firm Endeavour Systems Pvt Ltd. The firm is alleged to have got government contracts which were worth Rs 9.5 crore. The CBI says that it was the involvement of Kumar with this firm which led to the contracts being awarded.

The CBI says that the firm was a front company which was started by Kumar in 2006. The CBI also stated that he had roped in Ashok Kumar his friend too while starting the firm.

The CBI states in its FIR that there are five contracts that are under the scanner. The CBI states that when Kumar was the IT secretary in the Delhi government, he had proposed that contracts be awarded to the firm.

The CBI says that due to misuse of official position, the contracts were awarded without following a fair tender policy. The FIR also speaks about two quotations which were forged.

The complaint against Kumar and others was filed by former Delhi Dialogue Commission member Ashish Joshi. His complaint made before the Anti Corruption Bureau was forwarded to the CBI. The CBI says that the case is a strong one and details of the scam have been unearthed following extensive investigations for five months.

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