Warangal encounter: Was it fake?

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Warangal, April 7: The encounter that took place in Warangal on Tuesday morning in which five terrorists were shot dead has raised several questions.

The biggest doubt that people have raised over the encounter is that those killed were handcuffed and hence it does not go with the police version.


The police had claimed that these men had tried to flee from custody and since there was retaliation, they were shot down.

How can handcuffed operatives escape

The primary question that several persons in Telangana are asking is how could these persons who were handcuffed escape. [5 Tehreek Ghalaba E Islam terrorists shot dead in Telangana]

One of them was even handcuffed to the vehicle in which he was sitting in.

They also say that the police have a right to shoot only if there is retaliation.

How could they have snatched away the guns and retaliated when they were handcuffed is another question that is being asked.

Cold blooded murder

Latheef Mohammad Khan, the convener of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee which has fought for the cause of several Muslims in Hyderabad has termed it as a cold blooded murder.

Khan tells OneIndia that they are demanding a judicial probe be set up headed by the Chief Justice of the High Court.

"Just look at the pictures and it is evident that it was not a genuine encounter", Khan says.

All of them are handcuffed and one of them is even tied in the vehicle.

How could such persons try and escape leave alone retaliate against the police by snatching away their weapons, he asks.

We blame the Telangana government

Khan says that all these five persons were in judicial custody.

We have information that this was a pre-planned operation by the police.

Just last week, there was an encounter at Nalgonda in which two SIMI operatives were killed.

In that incident we are aware that it was a genuine encounter since there was gun fire by the operatives as well.

However, in the Warangal case it was all pre-planned and the intention was to murder these people.

"The government when it was formed in Telangana had promised Muslims that it would safeguard the community. But they have not done anything to protect us", he added.

"This is nothing but revenge killing and the government's way of telling us that they always will have an upper hand over the Muslims. We do not know why they are doing this, but all Muslims in Telangana today fear for their lives", he said.

Khan also adds that there is tension brewing in Telangana following this incident.

"This was clearly fake and we are taking it up to the highest level. We will protest and even meet with the Chief Justice seeking a fair probe against those officials who have undertaken a cold blooded murder", he further added.

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