2 Pakistanis missing from Kerala boat intercepted on July 3

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New Delhi, July 6: Did two Pakistani nationals get off the suspicious fishing trawler that was intercepted at Kerala on Sunday. A suspicious fishing trawler was intercepted 100 kilometres west of Allepy in Kerala on Sunday and when a search was conducted two identification cards of Pakistan nationals was found on it.

The investigations are currently on and while it has been ascertained that this boat came in from Iran, sources say that during the search that was conducted they had not found any weapons or drugs. We are now ascertaining where those two Pakistan nationals are and also finding out if this boat had come to Kerala to collect something.

Kerala boat: Two Pakistanis missing

Boat on radar since July 3

This boat was on the radar of the Intelligence Agencies since July 3. The Coast Guard says that it is not a case in which this boat had drifted into Indian waters illegally. In fact it has drifted quite a lot and that is suspicious, the officer also informed.

Although the crew members who spoke to the investigating officers with the help of a translator claimed that they were fishermen, officials are not taking any chances. We have not found any weapons, drugs or other material on the boat.

What we have seized is satellite phones which are banned. Initially we had suspected that the boat had come into the Indian waters to transfer some illegal contraband.

However since we have not found anything on the boat, we suspect that the inmates were here to collect something. The boat began its journey from Kalat in Iran on May 25th.

Two Pakistanis missing

Investigations have found that two Pakistan nationals who were on the boat when it began its journey at Kalat had disembarked mid way. It is still not clear as to where exactly these men had disembarked from the vessel. Their identification cards are in the possession of the Kerala police which has taken over the probe.

Investigators claim that the probe is still wide open. Although these members are claiming that they are fishermen, there are a sequence of events which would make the entire operation extremely suspicious. There is no question of taking any chances and we do realize that there is a market in Kerala where there is a demand for weapons and explosives.

Recently there have been intelligence inputs which suggested that the Maoists are trying to establish themselves in Kerala and they are in need of weapons. All aspects whether this was a reconnaissance mission or an ordinary case of fishermen drifting will be probed into thoroughly.

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