Swachh Bharat- Malleshwaram, Bengaluru declared black spot free constituency

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Under the Swachh Bharat initiative, the first anniversary of the Smart Swachh Malleshwaram, Bengaluru was celebrated today. The highlight of the event was the elimination of black spots in Malleshwaram. This means all black spots in the constituency of which Dr Ashwathnarayan is the MLA have been eliminated.

swachh bharat

Another highlight was the inauguration of the Mechanised Waste Bin-KISOSK. The Smart Swachh Malleshwaram initiative spearheaded by BJP, MLA Dr C N Ashwathnarayan completed one year today.

At the programme held today, both Dr Ashwathnarayan and Union Minister D Sadananda Gowda inaugurated the KIOSK. At the inauguration they demonstrated how the KIOSK works. People can dispose e-waste, wrappers, tetra packs, tin cans, paper cups and pet bottles into this KIOSK. The KIOSK also tells you your weight while waste is being disposed.

On Sunday the Swachh Bharath logo structure was alsot inaugurated at Circle Maramma circle temple,Malleshwaram,Bangalore,Karnataka. This is the second time that this has been inaugurated after Gujarat.

At the event several stalls were also put up. Each stall had children in it and they were advising people on waste management. In one of the stalls there was a placard which read, " I love Malleshwaram more than plastic."

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Setting an example:

In terms of waste management, Malleshwaram has managed to set an example for the rest of the city. In the one year of this initiative being launched, waste segregation has gone up from 20 per cent to 55 per cent. Moreover Malleshwaram also became the first constituency to be declared as Black Spot Free.

Swachh Bharat- Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

In the past year, as part of this initiative there has been a successful students outreach programme apart from an adopt a tree initiative. In the past year, 3,000 saplings have been planted in the 7 wards of the constituency. In addition to this the smart collection and transport was introduced. As part of this waste was being transported in a manner that the same was disposed off in a proper manner.

The smart lorry points is another initiative which restricts the multiple lorry points to a single lorry point. Further the festival waste management programme was also initiated.

The year ahead:

In the following year, Dr Ashwathnarayan says that there will be several more initiatives introduced. These would include leaf composting during the winters and also introducing the manned waste collection bin KIOSK. Further the street vendor initiative to restrict vendors to a particular stretch is also being introduced.

The plate bank is also another initiative on the anvil. A plan to have an inventory of dining essentials with steel plates, spoons, bowls etc is also on the anvil. The MLA of this constituency also proposes to introduce the Smart Swachh Maathu. Thoroughly this programme short chats would be arranged over a cup of tea or coffee. During these chats, the discussion would be about betterment of the community.

Among the other programmes planned are the the use of the CCTV cameras. The cameras will be used to address the waste management issues like littering, blackspots etc. A target of 50 cameras for each ward has set for next year.

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