SP youth MP blackmails lover with daughter's kidnapping, killed

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Uttar Pradesh: A woman is most furious when she is threatened with her child's life. SP youth honcho Manish Tiwary saw the fury.

He was bludgeoned to death when he threatened to kidnap his lover's daughter and sell her in a brothel. All was going well for him when he met a married woman Vineeta Singh at a fair and they started a reeling affair.


However, things started taking an unfavourable turn when Tiwary started blackmailing her with some of their intimate pictures. She was still ok when she had to meet his demands in cash and kind. However, she could not tolerate it anymore when Manish threatened her that he would kidnap her daughter and sell her off to the brothel.

Tiwary was found dead in Chakeri area of Kanpur on June 3. Nearly a week after the incident, the truth was dug out. It was alleged that Vineeta's husband was also involved in disposing off the body. Now Vineeta and her husband are in police custody. They have been charged with murder and attempts to destroy the evidence.

Tiwary's phone call history led the police to Sandeep Singh, who is a property dealer and his wife.

Vineeta confessed that Tiwary used to threaten her and make the dirty video clip public if she did not pay him up. She also claimed that he had already taken Rs 5 lakh from her. Narrating the events of June 2, Vineeta said that she and Tiwary had a bitter fight when he threatened her with her daughter. Unable to bear that, she hit him repeatedly on the head with a bat she used for washing clothes.

Her husband helped her dispose off the body. They carried the body in their car and dumped it in Choker area, hoping that they would not be caught.

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