"Returning awards is shadow boxing by pseudo-intellectuals"

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New Delhi, Oct 19: The headlines of the nation these days are all about some person returning an award or about the beef ban.

The opposition has targeted the Prime Minister directly and say that he is not doing enough to control elements who are orchestrating hate crimes. The argument put forth by the BJP is that be it the Dadri incident of the murder of Professor M M Kalburgi, they have happened in non-BJP states.

How can you blame the Prime Minister or the BJP for this asks BJP's national spokesperson G V L Rao? Isn't law and order a state subject, Rao says in this discussion with OneIndia.

Law and order is a state subject:
" The Prime Minister has already spoken on these issues and expressed sadness over it. He minced no words in saying that this was a propaganda by a certain section to give a bad name to the government. How do incidents such as Dadri or Kalburgi become the BJP's fault," asks Rao.

The incidents took place in non-BJP ruled states. Law and order is a state subject and I do not understand how the BJP is being blamed for this, Rao also adds.

The BJP sees these incidents are a conspiracy to keep the communal pot boiling. Those behind these incidents want to create a persecution complex. Have they forgotten the nun rape case in which the BJP was initially blamed for it. What did the probe in West Bengal indicate finally? It was clear that some from Bangladesh had come to West Bengal and carried out this incident," the BJP's national spokesperson says.

One must also not forget that the BJP was blamed similarly for the Church Attacks. The probe once again suggested a very different picture. These have remained peripheral issues and have engaged the media a great deal.

I must say that there is a huge gap between the real issue and what has been projected. The incident at Dadri was a real unfortunate incident and the Samajwadi Party instead of acting has turned this into a opportunity to attack the BJP, Rao adds.

Selective outrage by writers:
Rao goes on to speak about the recent trend in which writers are rerutning their awards. These are incidents of selective outrage and these writers have turned into opportunists. Why were they silent when worse things happened under the UPA? To sum it up I would say it is shadow boxing by pseudo intellectuals.

I understand that there have been some statements made by leaders of the party recently. BJP cannot be held responsible for every individual. The top leadership has however sent a stern message to such statements being issued. The Home Minister and the Finance Minister denounced these statements thus sending out a strong message, Rao also says.

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