Prez plays 'headmaster' to PM Modi: 'Do not bypass Cabinet again'

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"Do not bypass the Cabinet". This was President Pranab Mukherjee's 'admonition' to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a note that he sent along with his signature on an ordinance.

The ordinance -- 'The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Fourth Ordinance, 2016' , renewed for the fourth time as the related Bill is pending in the Rajya Sabha, was sent to the President on Sunday, when it was due to expire.

Do not bypass Cabinet again: Prez to PM

The President was upset that it was sent to him without being cleared by the Union Cabinet first.

According to an NDTV report, the President made it clear that he had signed the ordinance in the interest of the public, but warned that the Cabinet must not be bypassed again.

Incidentally, this is the first time since Independence that an ordinance has been sent to the President without the Union Cabinet clearing it first.

Sources told OneIndia that the government was in a hurry as the ordinance would have lapsed on Sunday. The government wanted the same cleared as it was unable to bring it in Parliament during the monsoon session. The government will now get a post facto approval of the cabinet.

The ordinance sent under Rule 12 of businesses and transactions was to amend the Enemy Property Act which guards against claims of succession or transfer of properties left by people who migrated to Pakistan or China after wars.

The bill had been passed in the Lok Sabha, but stalled in the Rajya Sabha as the opposition wanted it reviewed.

When the ordinance was sent to the President in May, there had been objections then too as an executive order was being issued despite Parliament having been in session in the interim.

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