Pakistan wants to launch cyber war on India

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New Delhi, Aug 8: Pakistan has declared a proxy war on India, Intelligence Bureau officials say. While they intend to continue to with cross border firing and infiltrations in a bid to carry out terror strikes, a new alert would also suggest a cyber war.

The cyber wing of the Intelligence Bureau has warned that government websites could be hacked by the Pakistan Cyber Army in this ongoing proxy war against India.

Pak wants to launch cyber war on India

Pak cyber army at work

As per the latest intelligence input, it has been advised all security measure should be taken to protect the computers in the defence and external affairs wing. The Pakistan Cyber Army is looking to strike and cause a great deal of embarrassment apart from stealing data, the advisory also states.

The Pakistan cyber army which is a wing of the ISI has been involved in several cyber attacks in the past. A team comprising over 500 members operate out of Pakistan with the sole intention of stealing data from government websites.

A few years back the Pakistan cyber army had hacked into the website of the Central Bureau of Investigation. The site remained closed for several days before it was finally restored.

Cyber wars

Pakistan like China is known to wage cyber wars with India. The Pakistan cyber army in particular has been very active on the internet and has spared no opportunity to hack into Indian websites only to cause an embarrassment.

As per the latest alert Pakistan's ISI has directed its cyber army to declare an internet war on India. IB officials say that Pakistan will use all tactics to declare a non-conventional war on India. While cross border firing and infiltrations are one part of the war, the battle on the cyber space too is very much on their agenda.

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