Nun rape case: Mastermind Milan Sarkar arrested

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New Delhi, May 8: In a major breakthrough in the nun rape case, the prime accused and mastermind Milan Sarkar has been arrested by the West Bengal CID. He was arrested from Sealdah in West Bengal.

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This is a major breakthrough since the name of Milan had cropped up during the interrogation of the other accused who have been arrested in connection with this case.

Nun rape case- Kingpin arrested

CID officials in West Bengal have been on the lookout for Sarkar since the past one month and he is said to be the kingpin in the case.

Who is Milan Sarkar:

Milan Sarkar according to the investigators is the kingpin the case. Milan is originally called Rehman and is a resident of Bangladesh. He according to another accused was the one who masterminded this entire attack.

His name cropped up for the first time when the CID arrested an operative by the name Gopal Sarkar. During the investigation, Gopal told the CID that Milan is based out of Jessore in Bangladesh and he is even related to him. Milan was also identified on the CCTV footage by Gopal's wife Anita who had claimed that all the accused had stayed at their home before and after the incident.

Milan is the one who masterminded the entire attack and had even brought in the other accused to be part of this crime. However the CID learnt that the intention of the crime was not rape, but robbery instead. They had attempted to rob the convent and when the nun tried to stop them, they physically assaulted her.

Milan and his accomplices were wanted both by the Indian and Bangladesh police. They have committed a spate of robberies in both countries. They would commit offences and then slip out through the borders, the CID has learnt.

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