'Not only partiotism but also poverty drive youth to join army, was what I said': CM Press Advisor

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Bengaluru, Mar 2: From past four days, the 'Bhakts' have been constantly targeting Karnataka Chief Minister's Press Adviser, Dinesh Amin Mattu in social media for his remarks on soldiers.

The CM's secretary Mattu has recently made a statement, "it is not only patriotism, but also poverty that drive job seekers to get employed with the Indian Army". However a Kannada newspaper reported saying the CM secretary stated in a award function program at Udupi that "it is not patriotism, but penury leads youth to join the Army"

Dinesh Amin Mattu

The CM secretary also questioned right wing outfits, mainly RSS and the VHP that allegedly behave as the custodian of patriotism and asked how many RSS and and VHP (without naming the any organisations) leaders send their children to protect the borders.

To understand the context of his statements, the OneIndia contacted Dinesh Mattu. In a brief interview Mattu explains why he has made such statement.

In the initial conversation Mattu contested the report published in a Kannada daily and said "my statement was misreported by a Kannada daily. I did make a remark on soldiers by not only invoking poverty but also including the aspect of patriotism." Mattu reiterated the statement made at Udupi and conveyed, "I said it is not only patriotism but also poverty that drive youth to join the army."

Mattu was quick take pot shots at the right wing affiliated groups, mainly RSS and VHP asking, how many so called custodian of patriotism send their children to army. "They want their kids to end up doing sophisticated jobs, while youth from the lower strata of the caste hierarchy protect the boarders."

Mattu also made above statement at Udupi in his speech as a continued part of his statement on soldiers. Mattu further said, in Udupi he we was mainly speaking on people who call for preservation of folklore. The folklore, for example Bhoota Kola (ritual in Dakshina Kannada ) is performed by Dalits and preserving the culture means Dalits should not give up the practice.

By this logic of those who campaign to preserve that culture, Dalit youths and successive generations have to continue the bygone practice, while people from other upper caste do sophisticated or white colored jobs? However it means the same. This is the modern way of keeping the caste system alive.

For how long Dalits have to go such ordeals? Even Dalits too possess aspirations to join the mainstream, Mattu informed this saying this is what he spoke in Udupi.

In this flow while speaking on Dalits and folklore, "I touched upon the aspect of soldiers, which is another domain where people from lower strata are more. I also questioned, with out naming RSS or VHP or BJP on how many children of these so called patriots end up joining the army," Mattu reiterated.

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