Goa rape brutality: Stripped by woman, Delhi girls given alcohol, drugs before rape

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Panaji, June 5: In a shocking revelation, the two Delhi women who were raped by 5 people in Goa, said that they were sexually assaulted for over 18 hours. Aged 34 and 28, these women were allegedly abducted on Monday night by men posing as officials from the narcotics department and the CID.

They were taken to a secluded house where they were stripped by a woman (who also posed as an officer) and forced to hold drugs before their videos were shot.


The 34-year old woman claimed,"They beat us and offered us alcohol and drugs instead of food. They stripped us, made us hold drugs and shot videos of us. Apart from the men there was also a woman with them. She claimed to be from the police too. She undressed me saying that she wanted to check me. They kept accusing us of being in the dancing business."

She further added that they were first taken to a secluded house where they were robbed off their belongings and then shifted to an apartment where they were repeatedly raped by the five men.

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The victim said,"They intercepted our car while we were on our way to Baga beach. They pulled out the driver of our taxi and thrashed him. One of the accused then drove us to a secluded house. Four others followed us on scooters. They also took our phones, ATM cards and pin numbers, and withdrew Rs 10,000 from the driver's account and Rs 30,000 from our accounts. When we resisted, they physically assaulted and threatened to kill us. They then took turns to sexually assault me and my friend, and did not stop till I began bleeding."

The duo were rescued by the Goa police at 3 pm on Tuesday after a tip off by the driver who was let go on Monday night. Police said,"We raided the house, based on the driver's statement, but could not find anyone. Several teams then swung into action to trace the women. They were then traced to the flat and rescued. The five accused were also arrested."

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A medical examination of the victims confirmed rape and their statements have also been recorded. It was revealed that the men had been stalking the women for three days.

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