Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg goofs up, uploads distorted map of India

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New Delhi, May 15: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to have rubbed off many Indians the wrong way. After posting an infographic announcing his ambitious plan to bring Internet.org to the world, Zuckerberg and his team forgot to include Kashmir in India's map.

Netizens in India were quick to notice the 'faulty' India map and soon took to the internet to bring it to everyone's attention.

Indians hit out at Mark Zuckerberg

One user Akhil Dev commented on Zuckerberg's post saying: "Great job. Please correct the Indian MAP on this picture, Kashmir is missing.

Soon the image went viral and many hit out at Zuckerberg saying that the map had to be corrected. Shortly after that Zuckerberg removed the post.

However he hasn't responded to the controversy surrounding the post. While posting the image, Zuckerberg said: "With this launch, Internet.org is now available to more than 1 billion people around the world!"

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