Demonetisation- Opposition may try to flare up riots warns IB

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New Delhi, Nov 19: The Supreme Court on Friday said that it feared riots would erupt if the government did not take immediate steps to address problems faced in the aftermath of demonetisation.

The centre said that it was doing everything it could to address the problem and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley added that the implementation could not have been better.

'Oppn may try to flare up riots'

Sleuths of the intelligence bureau are keeping a close watch on the situation outside banks and ATMs.

People have been calm and patient and as the days pass, the queues would become shorter. While some in the media and opposition are trying to paint a different picture, there are a good number of people who have supported the move.

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The Intelligence Bureau at first reported that there is a demand supply mismatch. While at first the problem was immense, the banks have begun coping with the issue and the situation is easing out.

However the Intelligence Bureau says that the police must be on the watch out as there is every chance of members from opposition parties trying to provoke people into rioting.

Chances of provocation:

The people have been patient barring a few stray incidents in some parts of the country.

The Intelligence Bureau says that the problem is there, but people are gradually coping with it and the government introducing several measures to ease the pain, the situation is under control.

However the IB has told the police department of all states that some members in the opposition will attempt to provoke the people. The opposition is already contemplating taking this issue to the rural areas. There is a good chance that riots may be engineered, the IB also says.

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