De-radicalisation? Don't bother says this Indian ISIS recruit

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New Delhi, Apr 15: In certain cases a de-radicalisation programme does not work. Take the case of Muddabbir Shaikh, an alleged member of the ISIS who was recently arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

He has made it clear to the police that he will continue the holy war no matter where he is. Do not bother de-radicalising me, he has made it clear to the police.

Don't bother about de-radicalisation

Shaikh a resident of Mumbra in Maharashtra is 33 years old. He was arrested on January 22 2016 by the NIA along with various others in what was called as a nation wide crack down on the modules of the ISIS.

Dont waste your time de-radicalising me:

When he was first confronted by sleuths of the Intelligence Bureau and the NIA, he said that his mind was made up. I will continue to pledge my support to the ISIS.

It is a holy war that they are waging and I support it. When the IB and the NIA said that the war is not holy and he should attempt making a change, his answer was, " do not waste your time and do not bother de-radicalising me."

His mind is made up and he refuses to change said an Intelligence Bureau officer who had questioned him. Since January several officers have tried drilling some sense into his head, but he refuses to change. It is a no win situation, the officer also informed.

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The officer said that as much as possible we do try and de-radicalise such persons. In most of the cases it has worked and we have also involved their family members and elders. However in some cases it is just not possible.

We treat each case individually and in cases where the de-radicalisation is not possible, then we put them up for trial before the court, the officer also added.

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