Bengaluru shame: Killer potholes, battered roads malign IT City's 'Silicon Valley' image

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Bengaluru, Nov 22: Bengaluru is known as IT City and even India's Silicon Valley, due to vast number of Information Technology-based companies that consists of both national, international firms and start-up culture is also booming here at a fast pace.

As Bengaluru boasts of its crowning glory of being an IT City, many global leaders and technocrats from across the world frequently visit the city for their business ventures.


But if the silver lining is scratched, then Bengalureans feel ashamed of killer potholes, that has put a dent on its image. When the international delegates visit Bengaluru, then how would they feel while they are travelling in cars on the city's ill-managed roads, is a point worth ponerding over.

Deep potholes on Bengaluru's battered and bruised roads are like an open grave, that have so far led to various fatal accidents and grievous injuries.

For instance, if you are travelling on Koramangala-Indiranagar 100 feet road, then at every 10 metres of distance, you will find various potholes.

Most of the vehicles are speeding on the accident-prone road and motorists have to put their lives on risk, while driving on that particular road.

That road is just an example of among thousands of such potholes filled roads of Bengaluru. Motorists have to be extra careful while riding on such roads, as their an iota of lack of alertness can led to serious consequences.

BBMP failed to deliver its promise

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had promised that by October-end, Bengaluru will be a pothole-free city, but they failed miserably, in repairing the roads.

Now, according to reports, BBMP has set a new deadline for the daunting task of fixing potholes.

[Deadline set to make Bengaluru roads free from killer potholes]

Earlier, efforts have been made by some artists to draw the authorities' attention to potholes by showing their artistic skills, like a crocodile and python, coming out of a pothole drew huge attention.

In July 2015, Baadal Nanjundaswamy had found a perfect way of diverting concerned authorities' attention by creating a large crocodile near a pothole. In the past too, he had done the brave and bold work. [Bengaluru: Commuters shocked to find crocodile on the road]

In Sept 2015, a man was blamed for causing his wife's death, when his bike skid over a pothole.

Citizens vent out their anger

"Bengaluru is one of the highest-tax paying cities and road taxes are also extremely high. What common man is getting in return, nothing, no development and poor infrastructure", said an IT Professional.

"The state government is doing nothing when it comes to the development of better roads and other facilities needed by common people. They areb just busy in indulging in dirty politics over Jayanti celebrations or wasting time in other petty issues", said Rashmi Subramnaian, an HR professional.

"Potholes also lead to huge traffic snarls, thus bringing city to a standstill and the situation is worse during rains", she added.

The state government must have been getting funds from the central government. Then where does those allocated funds go? Why they are not utilised for making the lives citizens easier to live", Medha Singh, an executive asked.

"It's high time that BBMP must owe the responsibility for fixing the killer potholes of Bengaluru, by acting strict on contractors. At the same time, it must be ensured that material should be of standard quality. Contractors who do tardy jobs should be blacklisted", said Paniraj, an NGO worker.

Social media campaign

A Facebook page called, "Routes to Heaven", has been dedicated for the cause of the betterment of Bengaluru roads and to initiate awareness programmes.

A petition to demand "Fix The Potholes In Bangalore" has also been filed on Change.Org. Since 2013, it has received 20,308 supporters and 4,692 supporters are needed to reach 25,000.

So, if you care for Bengaluru and want to make a change in the lives of citizens, then, sign the petition now!

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