A hubby-wife tussle led to the kidney racket being busted

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New Delhi, June 8: The arrest of T Rajkumar Rao, the alleged mastermind of the kidney racket is just a tip of the iceberg. The racket is not restricted to Delhi alone and the police are conducting raids in Coimbatore, Nagpur, Jalandhar and Kanpur. Police officials investigating the case says that the racket has a nation wide ramification.

In all there have been nine arrests so far including a woman from Siliguri in West Bengal. The Delhi police say that in the above mentioned places, they are looking for both middlemen and doctors at hospitals allegedly involved in this racket.


A tussle led to the alert:

The manner in which the entire racket was busted is interesting. The wife of a middleman in the racket, Devashish had a quarrel over the payment. It was alleged that Devasish had told his wife Momita to donate her kidney to a patient in Jammu and Kashmir.

However a fight began between the couple after she alleged that he had not paid her the promised sum. The entire transaction was an illegal one. Despite her insisting that he give her the promised sum, Devasish did not relent. This led her to calling the police helpline, following which the investigations began.

Nation wide racket:

The police believe that this gang was not operating in an isolated manner. They had connections in several cities. While the police is hunting for the middlemen in the racket, they are also on the look out for five donors and five recipients.

In addition to this the police is also looking out for some doctors who had facilitated this illegal transaction. According to investigations, the middlemen were in touch with the doctors.

The doctors would be paid a handsome sum of money to facilitate an illegal transaction. The illegal transaction meant that some patients who could afford it would get a kidney out of turn.

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