What's unique about the ISRO PSLV C-34 launch?

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A new feather in the hat and something more to boast about by the Modi government, the PSLV C-34 launch has taken ISRO to new heights.

Third in line after Russia and US, India launched 20 satellites through a single rocket. The journey to this level has been arduous and tough, as claimed by the scientists themselves. But India is proud for its new feat for more than one reason. The 'Firsts' are innumerable and the success man-made.


Citing here are the ways the launch is unique:

1. Till date, only Russia and US have launched multiple satellites at one go. Russia being the highest, having launched 37 satellites, followed by US which has launched 30 satellites.

2. In the final stages of the mission, ISRO also demonstrated the vehicle's capability to place satellites in different orbits, which required re-igniting the vehicle twice after the fourth and the final stage. This enabled the vehicle to move a few kilometers further into another orbit.

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In fact, the vehicle had been pre-programmed to perform tiny manoeuvrs to place 20 satellites into polar sun-synchronous orbits with different inclinations and velocities. It also ensured that the satellites were placed without any collisions and th distance maintained in between will prevent collision when they move.

3. There are two nano satellites, built by the engineering students of Chennai's Sathyabama University and College of Engineering, Pune.

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4. This is the first time ISRO has launched more than 10 satellites with a single rocket.

5. ISRO has till now launched 74 satellites for foreign vendors from about 20 countries. It has earned $ 100 million in the bargain.

6. ISRO met the deadline of launching the vehicle by June 30 and worked under tight schedule.

7. The total weight of the satellites carried by the vehicle was 1,288 kg

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