'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji': Why Govt must not allow fringe elements to derail 'good governance' agenda

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Try to recall a famous slogan by Sakshi Maharaj in nineties which said "Baba nahin bawal hoon, Bhajpa ka kaal hoon". Living up to his past statement, it seems Maharaj and similar Hindu fanatics will soon prove nemesis for the Modi-led BJP.

One can easily understand the predicament of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who in spite of having best of intentions, is on his way to lose the trust of people. It is really a matter of great agony that a leader who wants to do so much to do away with political paralysis and plutocracy of UPA, is not able to focus on his real agenda of inclusive politics.

Tough time for Modi-led BJP

Instead he has to spend all his energy to tame these lunatic elements who revel with his carte blanche approach.

Let's talk about the present issue where Sakshi Maharaj said that Hindu women should bear four children, apparently to compete with Muslims. West Bengal BJP leader Shyamal Goswami went even a step further by saying that Hindus should produce five offsprings.

Before going deep and dissecting the issue, one must know that unmarried Maharaj has serious charges registered against him I.e murder and rape. Not only that, the Phd degree holder Swami runs lots of education, religious centers across the country and is known for his misdemeanours.

Though BJP has sent a showcause notice to Sakshi Maharaj, but firebrand Hindu leader is still adamant on his position. Ironically, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has also supported this 'save religion remark' and even announced reward for such an act. On Wednesday, VHP leader Praveen Togadia's rhetoric was also the same.

Modi Government's inclusive politics facing challenge by ‘fringe groups'
Prime Minister always reiterated this point that his government believes in inclusive politics which mean no community will be discriminated at any point of time and has equal right to avail resources of the country. But this has been constantly challenged by party coteries through their statements and various actions. Like every second day, various right wing organisations come up with their new definition of ‘Hindutva'. Some express their opinion in muted tone while some in more assertive manner.

Right from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, VHP convener Ashok Singhal to Yogi Adityanath, everyone has pushed Modi Government on slippery track with their statements. BJP Government is constantly facing flak for not raising his voice assertively against ‘Hindutva' remark, which is perceived to be a deliberate campaign to corner minority community. First ‘Love Jihad' then Ghar wapsi and now this 'more children' campaign will seriously jeopardize government's agenda to bring acche din in India.

Why these utterances despite knowing long term consequences?
All these leaders who are obsessed with this Hindutva philosophy are highly educated and their education profile vouches for the same. Reportedly, Ashok Singhal holds a degree in metallurgical engineering while Praveen Togadia is an oncologist. It is hard to believe that such educated leaders can't understand the ramifications of their utterances. Despite knowing the long term effect of their statements on the communal harmony of the India, why these leaders don't act in a prudent way.

Do they really believe that Hindus will listen to them?. Gone are the days when people were easily swayed by the sermons of these babas, Maharaj and religious gurus. Now people think and weigh the rationality of a particular statement before acting upon it.

Will these divisive statements impact Delhi poll?
BJP may have won Lok Sabha election and for that matter State elections in the past one year. But the Delhi assembly election is the real test of their mettle. Victory in the capital poll will certify that people believe in saffron party and Modi is the true leader.

At a time when nothing tangible has been done by the Modi Government in these seven months, such divisive statements may shake people's reposed confidence in the Government. People may not like to vote for the same government which is going on UPA's way where Manmohan Singh had no authority to take assertive decisions.

High Mortality rate in BJP ruled States
If leaders really want Hindus to procreate more, why don't they talk about high mortality rate in BJP ruled States including Madhya Pradesh(54).

According to 2013 reports, current Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in India is 40, while the Under-5 Mortality Rate (U5MR) as per 2012 records is 52. This is really appalling that in spite of India claiming to be the second largest growing economy, the country's medical facility is in sham. According to Reuter's report, India spends only about 1 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on public health, compared to 3 percent in China and 8.3 percent in the United States. Recently, Modi Government who had promised to provide basic health facilities to all, even slashed the health budget.

If Ministers are so concerned for the children, why didn't they speak even a single world on the issue.

It's high time Modi government should learn to tame these frenzy elements otherwise the Government will soon meet similar fate as Congress.

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