Indrani cornered? Police has enough evidence to prove the case

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The murder mystery of Sheena Bora may be complicated, but police has nothing to worry...for certain. With more evidence toppling in the form of statements, there is nothing that does not prove that Indrani is the mistress of the murder of Sheena Bora, her own daughter.

Police can now bank upon some very crucial statements that prove a lot more about Indrani Mukerjea than what meets the eyes. Here are some key approvers against her who strengthen the case even more:


Shyam Rai, Indrani's driver: The whistleblower in the case, Shyam is a very important link in the case. Witness to the entire murder plot, he had also participated in it.

He testified that Indrani had plotted the murder and Sanjeev Khanna (Indrani's second husband) and he himself executed it. He also said how Indrani took him to the site of the plan and rehearsed everything.

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Rahul Mukerjea: Rahul has been a key evidence in the mystery. Engaged to Sheena when she was murdered, Rahul said that he knew that Sheena was Indrani's daughter and not her sister. He also had her passport at the time of her death, which triggered various other questions.

The police is now interrogating Rahul as to why he kept quite when Indrani informed him that Sheena had flown to US with a separate passport. Sheena reportedly had broken off with Rahul before her death.

Indrani Mukerjea

Mikhail Bora: Mikhail has been a consistent approver of the murder. He said that whenever he asked his mother about Sheena, she said that she had gone to the US.

But on insisting, she threatened him with dire consequences and asked him to stop nagging. Mikhail also claimed that he had photographs and evidences that proved Indrani was the murderer.

He claimed that he was her next target and that he was called by Indrani at hotel Hilltop in Mumbai where Sanjeev was also stationed.

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He alleged that the duo had laced his drink with a sedative and had headed on with the plot. A police officer said that Mikhail woke up and headed to Peter's house. Meanwhile, police recovered a suitcase meant for Mikhail from the premises of Peter and Indrani's home in Worli.

Peter-Indrani suitcase

Psychologist: Indrani had plotted killing Sheena to get hold of the sizeable family property that she was unwilling to part with and declare Mikhail as mentally unstable.

Police is now looking for a Mumbai-based psychiatrist who was allegedly approached by Indrani for a fake certificate declaring Mikhail as mentally unstable. A senior police officer said," The reason behind procuring a fake certificate was to ensure that if in future Mikhail did claim foul play in Sheena's disappearance or approached police with a missing person's complaint, he would not be taken seriously."

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In fact, Mikhail was admitted to a rehabilitation center in Pune on complaints of his abnormal behaviour. Close sources say that was the result of a heated exchange between Mikhail and Indrani where he threatebed to disclose to Peter that he and Sheena were her children and not siblings.

Peter Mukerjea

Sanjeev Khanna: "I did this for her", Khanna seems to have admitted. Certainly, he was under her spell for financial reasons. It was also found that Indrani had supported her estranged second husband (despite an ugly breakup) to stabilise his Cable business in Kolkata.

He is said to have received a significant sum of money after the murder was committed. Sanjeev Khanna has confessed to his role in the murder case.

Hitman for Mikhail: Police have found that Indrani Mukerjea had hired a hitman to eliminate Mikhail and he was paid Rs 2.5 Lakhs. Police said,"our information is that the plan failed to take off.

We have detained the contract killer. He has admitted that he was hired by Indrani to eliminate Mikhail." Mikhail in the mean time said that INdrani had tried to kill him thrice.


Siddharth Das's mother: According to Siddharth Das's (Indrani's first husband) mother, Mikhail is not her grandson. Maya Rani Das (60) told Bangalore Mirror,"Indrani was married to my son when we were all in Shillong. My son Siddharth was 21 and Indrani 19.

Indrani had first given birth to Sheena, my first granddaughter. Then she gave birth to another girl, one-and-a-half-years after Sheena's birth. No son was born to them. It was after Sheena's birth that Siddharth suspected that Indrani was having an affair. Siddharth told me specifically that the second girl child that Indrani gave birth to was not his daughter."

She further added,"This created a breach in their relationship. Siddharth did not want to continue with her and then Indrani left Shillong with my granddaughters. I am repeating again: Mikhail is not my grandson nor is Mikhail the son of Siddharth."

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A resident of Bonomali village in Karimgunj district of Assam, Maya Rani said she did not know where the second girl child is but she is certain that she did not die in childhood.

The truth is out there, but the links cannot be connected. Time will tell where the case is heading too, especially when political pressure has already started

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