Mamata's nephew slapped: For TMC "being alive" justifies everything

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For the Trinamool Congress Party beating down the slapper of Abhishek Banerjee almost to death is not a horrific act of violence and the defence that they are taking is, " he is still alive."

The West Bengal police under the TMC has slapped attempt to murder charges against Debasish Acharya who slapped Banerjee who is also still alive.

For TMC being alive justifies everything

In criminal jurisprudence there is no in-depth definition to an attempt to murder charge. However criminal jurisprudence does mandate that the law should be the same to all.

This is why it is important to question why the police slapped an attempt to murder charge against Acharya and culpable homicide not amounting to murder charges who kicked the youth around almost killing him.

"He is still alive"

The justification by several TMC leaders has been that Acharya is still alive. Subrata Mukherjee the state panchayat minister very casually dismissed when questioned, " nothing big happened he is still alive."

He even went to elaborate by saying that in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi being killed, there were riots. However nothing of that sort happened here he said.

Several persons have condemned these statements and termed it as insensitive. While slapping someone is not justifiable whether it is an ordinary person or Mamata's nephew, the laws ought to be the same for all.

In WB all un-equal before the law

As it has been pointed out earlier that there is no real definition to attempt to murder. A person can file an attempt to murder charge even if there is an oral threat.

Looking at the manner in which the charges have been slapped it is clear that this was nothing but being vengeful. The Indian Penal Code does have a provision to slap charges for assault which was not used.

The other question is why did the police not file the same charge against those who assaulted Acharya and almost killed him. Looking the images it is clear that they had intended to kill him and this amounts to attempt to murder.

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