Indonesia: The next stop for the ISIS

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The ISIS has successfully managed to target several Western nations by roping in recruits. However, their next stop is Indonesia and the going will be extremely easy for the ISIS as a research survey shows that 72 per cent of the nation prefers the implementation of the Sharia law.

The number of recruits that Indonesia has produced till date is 500. All these 500 persons from Indonesia are alleged to have joined the ISIS. There are a good number of youth who continue to stay in Indonesia and propagate on behalf of the ISIS.


The Indonesian ISIS hub:

Many years back there was a clamour among the youth to join the al-Qaeda. Reports had suggested that nearly 200 youth from this nation had left for Afghanistan to wage the battle alongside the al-Qaeda.

However, if one looks at the number of youth who have joined the ISIS it is much higher. Till date as per various surveys and reports over 500 youth have joined the war in Iraq and Syria.

To add to the problem is that there are a large number of very powerful clerics in Indonesia. Take for instance the case of Abu Bakr Baasyir the leader of the Jemmah Islamiyah.

His outfit was close to the al-Qaeda, however now it has come out in open support of the ISIS. It is clerics such as these who run powerful organizations who are ensuring that the Sharia law is implemented in Indonesia and they feel it is only a powerful organization such as the ISIS which is capable of doing so.

The fight against the ISIS:

The Indonesian government is however trying to thwart this threat. While it would be taking its own course of action within the country, it would still be important if the US did more on this front. At the moment world over the problem is that the youth are witnessing ISIS victories.

The ISIS looks like an invincible force and this has been attracting the youth in larger numbers as they think the group is a sure shot winner. There was recently a scare in a mall in Indonesia when a chlorine bomb was found. Fortunately the bomb failed to explode, but investigations did suggest that such bombs are the signature of the ISIS.

Intelligence reports would suggest that the ISIS will look to make a stronger push in Indonesia. It is relatively an easier nation for it to recruit from as there are a good number of youth and clerics who will extend their support. Another reason for the ISIS to make a harder push is because it is aware of the Hamas trying to recruit out of Indonesia.

A recent attempt was made by the Hamas to set up shop in Indonesia. It had infact attempted to start a fund collection drive. However the issues raised by the Hamas do not strike a chord with the youth in Indonesia. For these youth groups such as the al-Qaeda and the ISIS matter since they have a global approach to terrorism.

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