Indo-US ties: The Clintons' loyalty for India is good news

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A difficult question to answer yet, especially when the presidential elections in the US are due in November, but one can assume from the primaries that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of USA.

Pan to 1993, another Clinton was holding the reigns of the US and had stepped ahead in mending relations with India after the long spanning distance between the two countries after the nuclear tests in 1998.

Hillary Clinton

Times have changed and so has the attitude of each country toward the other. In the wake of increasing closeness between the two countries (be it for their own vested interests), what remains to be answered is whether Hillary Clinton is willing to walk in her former President and husband's shoes?

Judge for yourself when we say:

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She was a friend of India when her husband- Bill Clinton was the President from 1992-2000. This was evident from the awe she expressed at Indian culture and vibrancy when she visited India as the First Lady in March 1995.

Although India was nowhere within the conomic radar of USA, she is said to be the one who piqued the then President's interest in the country, justifying the economic reforms that India was making then.

Hillary had long-term relations with India, especially as her tour to the country was because of an invitation of Mother Teresa to visit her home for children when she had visited Washington. The tour ended in a meeting with Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi.

She returned to India in 1997 with daughter Chelsea for the funeral of Mother Teresa.

Indian diplomats vouch for her

Indian diplomats in the White House say that as the secretary of State in the Barack Obama administration, Hillary took a stance for India on many occassions, especially relating to terrorism.

Her tern saw the culmination of close cooperation in high technology areas, particularly defence and space. It was during this term in office that India and the US launched a ministrial-level strategic dialogue in July 2009 that focussed on five interests trategic cooperation; energy and climate change; education and development; economy, trade and agriculture; science and technology; and health and innovation.

India-Iran ties and the terror factor

When Iran was economically isolated for its alleged nuclear programmes and India was under immense pressure to cut the import of oil from the country, HIllary is said to have diverted the attention from the issue and tone down the alarm in alliance between India and Iran.

Regarding terrorism, Hillary had a very clear picture. She insisted that Pakistan is a haven for terrorists and dissuaded authorities in giving any blank cheques to Pakistan.

In fact in 2012, Pakistan's ego was hurt when Hillary stood by the then external affairs minister S.M Krishna who urged Pakistan to end homegrown terrorism. She blatantly blamed Pakistan for sheltering Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri and as a symbolical protest stayed at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, the site of the 2008 November terrorist attack.

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No weapons for Pakistan

The fact that Pakistan was not sold any weaponry, despite increasing demand, during her watch is also a relief for India.

Indo-US ties will attain a new level

According to Hillary Clinton's campaign chief: "Hillary Clinton will take relations with India to a new level and better economic and strategic ties with India will anchor the U.S in the region, if she is elected the President."

Recalling his days in the White House as the secretary of State when the Clintons were the hosts, Podesta said, "She helped lay the foundation for the relationship that I had the opportunity to build on when I was working for President Obama, to deepen the relationship with Prime Minister Modi, to get an outcome at the Paris negotiations, and the ambitious clean energy agenda India has set."

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Assuring of a promising climate pact, he further added, "I am sure she will take it forward as president, as President Obama has done. It all began with President Clinton, who transformed the relationship with a historic visit."

Her close association with Indian Americans is also proof of her loyalty to the country. For instance, the rumour that Neera Tanden, President of the Centre for American Progress may find a place in the future team headed by Clinton is not unknown.

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Agrees Frank Islam, and Indian American entrepreneur who raised nearly $ 400000 for Ms Clinton's primary campaign. He says, "This is to make sure that Indian Americans are active participants in the American political process and also to ensure that they support Hillary Clinton, who believes in diversity, democracy and equality. These are the values that bind Indian Americans with her. This initiative is also to ensure that when she becomes the president our voices are heard."

Should we celebrate...already?!

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