How Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the hearts of the aam junta

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It was one year back when BJP's then prime ministerial candidate had won the Lok Sabha elections with a thumping majority. Narendra Modi was seen as the 'man who belonged to a humble background rising to power.'

In many ways Modi's journey from a 'chaiwalla' to being the Prime Minister of India has inspired many. His story has touched millions of hearts. On the first anniversary of the NDA government, we take a look at Modi's journey as a PM and why he continues to win everybodys heart.

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How PM Modi impressed the masses

Modi the chaiwalla

Narendra Modi has never shyed away from his background. In fact he has on many occasions said that he has seen poverty with his own eyes. Many times he has recollected his days as a chaiwalla.

It was probably this point that people could relate to a man from poverty rising to power. Modi's journey has been a remarkable one. To see a chaiwalla become the prime minister of the country gave hope to many.

Modi even launched 'Chai pe charcha', an interactive initiative where he was seen interacting with the common man over a cup of tea.

Modi the tech-savy PM

It is a well known fact that Modi is well versed with technology. Be it his social media presence or taking selfies with world leaders, Modi has done it all. In fact Modi is the most popular leader on Twitter after US President Barack Obama. Who doesn't like a leader who poses for a selfie?

Following his suit are his ministers who have often replied to the pleas of many Twitteratti in times of need. When you compare this with the previous UPA government's presence on social media, Modi definitely has an upper hand over them.

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Another point where Modi scores is making use of the dying medium- the radio. How many times have we seen a prime minister reach out to the people in the last 15 years using radio? Modi's 'Mann ki Baat' has been appreciated by many as he still continues to use the radio to reach out to the people even in the most remote corner of the country.

Modi rally

Modi and his special bond with his supporters

Often criticised for his many foreign trips, unlike the previous prime ministers, Modi on many occassions was seen breaking his security protocol to interact with his supporters. Many times he was also seen taking selfies with his supporters giving his security personnel a tough time.

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He was even seen breaking the protocol when he received US President Barack Obama. This gesture by Modi was hailed by many as they felt that this was a good sign for their friendship.

Modi was seen donning the traditional outfits of many countries and many states in India on his visits.

Whether it was him wearing a feathered headgear during one of his rallies in the North-East region in the country, or whether it was him wearing the traditional outfit of Mongolia during his recent visit, it was good to see our PM blend in with the local culture.

Make in India, Swachh Bharat and more

Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' aimed at transforming India into a global manufacturing hub was applauded by many.

With this campaign, Modi even encouraged many investors to come and invest in India in the manufacturing sector which would in turn promote job creating and skill enhancement. Many companies such as Samsung and Hitachi were seen supporting this initiative.

Addressing the basic need of sanitation, Modi's Swachh Bharat initiative was praised by everybody. Many politicians and even celebrities were seen lending their support to this initiative which indeed brought back our focus for the need of basic sanitation and cleanliness.

Therefore Modi's first year as the prime minister has not been a complete let down. Here we have a leader here who has managed to gauge the attention of the youth as well as supporters from abroad.

What we need to do is wait and watch to see if he continues his aura in the coming years or not.

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