Flashback 2015: Nestle Maggi to KFC chicken - Food Controversies that rocked the world

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Finally the time has come to bid adieu to the year 2015, the year which can be termed as the year of controversies. While bidding farewell to 2015, let's look back at the most disturbing controversies of the year -- the controversies surrounding several food items across the world.

Beginning from Nestle Maggi to KFC Chicken, Mother Dairy milk to Haldiram's items -- the world, especially India witnessed many circumstances in which food items of different companies came under scanner.

2 minute Maggi landed in soup

Indians were devastated in June when it was declared that thei favourite 2 minute Maggi was unsafe, hence, it was taken out of market across the country.

It was reported that consumption of Maggi was unsafe as it had lead and MSG content way above the permissible limit.

Nestle Maggi was banned for months and lacks of its packets were mercilessly destroyed. Nestle, however, did not lose hope, and made a grand come back once again.

The government of the country finally lifted the ban on the product.

KFC Chiecken Fry or KFC Rat Fry?

A man from US posted a disgusting image on Facebook and claimed that he was served a Fried Rat instead of Fried chicken in an outlet of KFC.

However, KFC did not waste any time and started investigating the matter. The company finally proved that it was nothing but a hoax and the man was served a fried chicken and not a rat.

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Noodles

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev promised to deliver a healthy food products. Despite being launched with a bang, Patanjali's Atta Noodles hit a roadblock.

First, it was reported that the product did not have a valid Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license.

Then came the shocking news when a man from Haryana claimed to have found insects in a sealed packet of Patanjali Atta Noodles.

Worms in KFC burger:

KFC once again landed in trouble when a couple from Mangaluru complained of finding worms in their Zinger Burger.

The KFC outlet officials, however, later issued statement saying that the couple was taken for inspection of the kitchen and they were satisfied about the safety of the food.

Beef Ban

Debate and controversies surfaced from March 2015 when Maharashtra government-led by Devendra Fadnavis banned sale or possession of beef in the state.

According to Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill, 1995, slaughter of bulls and bullocks in the state is banned and punishment for the sale or possession of beef is a prison for five years with an additional fine of Rs 10,000.

Mother Dairy Milk

Media reports claimed that a few samples of Mother Dairy milk were found to be substandard. Detergent reportedly was found in one of the samples.

Mother Dairy, however, overruled such allegations and claimed that they check all products and if any sample is found to be adulterated, they reject it immediately.

Tropicana Juice

A Facebook post about Tropicana juice scared everyone across the world. A photo along with a horrible text was posted on the social networking site.

A man claimed that he found a black fungus-like substance in a tetra pack of Tropicana mixed fruit delight. His mother reportedly fell sick after drinking that juice.

The company, however, did not respond to the post so far.

Processed Meats

World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that processed meats are carcinogenic. Processed foods include salami, sausages, bacon and many more. According to WHO, consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer.

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