Delhi lynching: Witnesses biased, exposing our ugly faces

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New Delhi, Jan 31: Imagine an 18-year old boy, walking down the streets of his homeland freely, only to be mobbed and lynched by fellow Indians. While mystery shrouds over his death, there are a lots of whys and hows that are emerging by the second.

There might not be concrete reports anywhere, but the racial undercurrent lingers. While the fellow Arunachalis are apprehensive of their lives in the country's capital, there are others who still cannot leave their ugly mindsets behind.

A live report by CNN-IBN , intended to give a detailed report of the altercation on the afternoon of the 29th, collected eye-witnesses in the area. What caught our eyes was the way the witnesses took sides with the shopkeeper, saying that the boy was doing fine after being dropped by the police and that he was not hurt at all after the first altercation. "All we heard was that he was dead", said a 'witness'.

Moreover, the attitude of the witnesses was completely unsympathetic toward the boy, especially when the 'described' how the boy 'flared' up for a comment by the shopkeeper targetting his hairstyle. The boy then allegedly broke the glass window of the shop, following which a major altercation began.

Now an interesting thing happened, when the lady journalist was panning way from the crowd, a man on her left shouted "drugs drugs...must have been that".

Here are a few points of contention:

1. Where did the injury marks and the swollen neck come from if nothing happened?
2. If the altercation was as small as that, why didn't the eyewitnesses stop it, underlining the most crucial psyche of the Delhiites: we will watch wrong happenings and won't raise a voice.

However, the most important of all the contentions is the fact that we generalise people of certain parts of the country or people belonging to different country. North Easterners are from 'China' and are always involved in 'drug trafficking'. They have a lot of money and are spoiling the mindset of the children.

Its not just about Delhi, its about Indian's mindset when they make preferances on misconstrued facts. Shame on you India!

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