Corporate espionage tracked through a courier boy

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The Central Bureau of Investigation has found that a large number of the documents which were leaked were sent through couriers to the firms. Most of the documents which were found were related to foreign investment which gave corporate houses the first mover advantage.

A chartered accountant in Mumbai was the middle man and using his contacts in the ministry of finance and corporate affairs he managed to source documents and sell them to corporate houses.

Corporate espionage tracked through a courier boy

A courier boy helped the CBI:

The CBI watched a courier boy who regularly picked up documents from the Chartered Accountant's office.‎ The CBI after watching him for nearly three weeks picked him up for questioning and this led them up to the chartered accountant.

The CBI has learnt that the documents being procured from the Finance and Commerce Ministry had very high demand.

First mover advantage:

The CA was in touch with 12 firms and supplied documents to them. The firms which procured these documents had got the first mover advantage.

The CBI says that the racket was on for two years. The Chartered Accountant had fixed persons in the ministries who provided him with documents.

In both the cases being handled by the CBI and also the Delhi police it was found that corporates sought documents relating to foreign investment. The corporates had sought for documents from the petroleum, corporate affairs and finance ministry.

It was found that several presentations that the foreign firms had made relating to future projects in India had been leaked. The CBI officers say that several foreign firms had complained that their presentations had been leaked.

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