Live coverages by the media just a hype!

Written by: By Shanthala Jayaprakash
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In the name of Breaking News, electronic media has gone overboard during the Mumbai terror attack coverage. The 24 hour news channels who will be in a hurry to 'break the news', seem not to understand the sensibility of the issue. Mumbai terror attacks received its much hype due to extent of coverage by various channels.

Some channels also went ahead to interview a terrorist through telephone and was broadcasting the 'telephonic conversation' as if he was a 'hero'.

We the public have been bombarded with various information through different channels. But at last where do public stand ? This needs a re-thinking. The Guidelines by the News Broadcaster's Association for recommendation for cancellation of license in 'extreme' violation of the 'code of conduct' is laudable. Atleast this would curb the news channels to broadcast whatever they feel.

NBA, in its report quoted, "the media should avoid 'Live' contact with the victims or security personnel or other technical personnel involved or the perpetrators during the course of the incident".

The unnecessary repeated and continuous broadcast of archival footage that might re-agitate the mind of viewers will be stopped due to the regulations done by the News Broadcaster's Association. Its commendable. If they want to give the archival footage let them clearly indicate 'file' and the date and time.

Let not 'Breaking News' break the public's head. Didn't the public did not have enough information before the invasion of 24 hours news channels? They use to wait for the morning newspaper and would read as if it was 'live'. However, i feel 'reading and remembering' gives more impact than ' listening and watching'.

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