Exclusive! 1965 War: Veer Chakra awardee IAF officer shares his memories from battle

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As India marks the 50th anniversary of 1965 war with Pakistan OneIndia talked to some of the veterans of the historic war.

Talking to OneIndia brave fighters shared their memories of the war which began on Aug 28, 1965. Both the air forces conducted defensive and offensive operations over Indian and Pakistani airspace all through this war.

Veer Chakra awardee IAF officer shares his memories of 1965 War

Narrating his memories of the war Wing Commander Vinod Nebb told OneIndia, "I participated in the 1965 War from Indian Air Force's side from Halwara airbase. On Sept 6, 1965 I shot down an enemy aircraft F-86 Sabre for which the Government of India conferred me with Veer Chakra. I was only 2-years-old at the time of war."

"Talking about the war, Pakistan had launched Operation Grandslam and Operation Gibralter. Under Operation Gibralter Pakistan Air Force air dropped its fighters on the other side of the LoC. They had planned to attack Indian Army from behind with the help of local Kashmiris. But, their plan was shattered when out Kashmiri brothers rejected their call for support. So, they had to abandon their operation and go back," Wing Commander Nebb said.

"Their second plan was Operation Grandslam which was launched from Akhnoor sector. Under this plan Pakistani forces wanted to cut-off Srinagar from rest of India. But, IAF intervened and halted this movement of the Pakistanis and this was quite a big achievement for us and this was the starting point of the war," said the veteran.

The Wing Commander also told OneIndia that despite having superior aircrafts bought from USA and pilots trained in USA the Pakistanis lost that war.

"Somewhere, their (Pakistan's) determination wasn't strong enough so they couldn't win. Although they were more prepared and ferocious during 1971 War."

Another IAF veteran, Air Commodore SK Mitroo told OneIndia that he flew French fighter-bomber aircraft, Dassault Mystere, from Adampur airbase in Punjab when the war between estranged neighbours broke.

"On 28th of Aug, it was Pathankot where the war began, at that time we were told that the war will take place only in Kashmir but the war gradually spread to other parts as well. We finally came into action on Sept 6, when 30-40 aircrafts took off from Adampur airbase in the early morning and we went for raid. Both the Indian Army as well as IAF fought with all the valour and galantry. And finally we sent the enemy back," Commodore Mitroo added.

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