Bangalore blast: Twitterati angry over politics of blast

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Bangalore, April 17: The social media went into hyperdrive after the blast in Bangalore. It picked up political overtones after Congress leader Ahmad Shakeel hinted at benefits for the BJP due to the blast near its office.

The Twitter also came in handy to call for blood donors to the KC Hospital.

Some of the tweets on the blast and the controvery:

Abhishek ‏@DumberDol: Congress Spokesman says #BangaloreBlast will help BJP. Fine, let's blast off all Congress offices!

Anup Kumar Sahoo ‏@nepu87: @Ahmad_Shakeel if somebody blast a bomb near ur house, ll tht help ur electorial propsect? Rajiv n indira death helpd congs?

robert lourembam ‏@lourembam: #bangaloreblast happened in front of #BJP office. Elections round the corner and this is what happens here. How #pathetic!

mohammed hussain ‏@hussain3450: #bangaloreblast 1like=1prayer is the only thing we can achieve?? :/ saddening ...

Mysterious Me ‏@roykajal: A bomb blast is politicised into a cylinder blast!! height of irony...Innocents are the sufferers #BangaloreBlast.

Sachin Dev Tripathi ‏@sachindevtripat: See, how congres spokesperson is trying to politicize the #BangaloreBlast.

Prateek Sethi ‏@prateeksethii: Mr. Prime minister, you took less than 12 hours to condemn blasts at Boston. Your time starts now ! #BangaloreBlast.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>If the blast near BJP's office in Banglore is a terror attack,it will certainly help the BJP politically on the eve of election.</p>— Shakeel Ahmad (@Ahmad_Shakeel) <a href="">April 17, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Raj B ‏@betki: Shameful of Congress spokesperson to politicize explosion in #bangaloreblast.

Victor_Charlie ‏@VCPAREEK: Stupid is the Shakeel Ahmed and more stupid are those who RTed his tweet on #BangaloreBlast.

Dileep Karpur ‏@dileepkarpur: Cheap political gimmicks targets bangalore! People in blore be safe!

siva kumar ‏@Sivakumar_king: #Bangaloreblast Common, no politics at this moment. Politicians....

Tiyasha Ghosh ‏@meet_tiyasha: Can anyone tell me which place in India is safe??....#bangaloreblast.

Sue ‏@blackmagicgal1: Please leave India's Silicon Valley alone. People here want nothing but beer and money :) #Bangaloreblast.

Ankit Kumar ‏@ankitkumars: Not just the BJP office but also the temples around, could hv been a target #bangaloreblast.

M-Solutions ‏@msolution: Now see congress vs BJP debate 4 de nxt 10 days, ppl who have died can go 2 hell, de ppl who bombed us have already won!

VerseCannon ‏@VerseCannon: No concern for victims. The elite is only obsessed with the political fallout of #bangaloreblast

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>RT @<a href="">icansavelife</a>: <a href="">#Bangalore</a> Blast.Need of blood for injured people.At : KC General Hospital.Call : 23343791, 23341771 <a href="">#ICSL</a></p>— Nothing new (@_yes2life) <a href="">April 17, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Saumya Baijal ‏@saumyabaijal: Everything is politicized, why? Innocents injured in the #BangaloreBlast and we are all talking of who sparked them for what motive! Why?

Dr. Rischoles ‏@RishabhHegde: Bloody Hell..Another Blast..when will India's need for a better surveillance system be understood by the government.#bangaloreblast #rip

Akshay Malgi ‏@MalgiAkshay: It is not humane to politicise the #BangaloreBlast..Its time that we all come together to fight against terror acts n console.

Indian_Opinion ‏@Indian_Opinion: BJP HM in victim mode. Policemen injured but he says BJP workers were tartgetted. #BangaloreBlast.

Kanffusion ‏@SocialPaparazzi: If the Police does not find out about the people behind the blasts, we'll know it's a political move! Kill for Votes??? #BangaloreBlast.

Friends of Congress ‏@friendscongress: Dear Friends, we strongly condemn #BangaloreBlast. Let us exercise restraint in our comments & remember affected families in our prayers.

Raj ‏@vrajmohan: i think its clear a warning from the extremists , after the announcement of NaMo's Election campaign in Karnataka #bangaloreBlast.

Jaishil ‏@jaishil24290: People asking me to stay home. Now one has to stop work because of dumb @$ jihadis. #Bangaloreblast.

Karan Ravi ‏@simkilll: #bangaloreblast inside hand or outside? Diversion from elections? Blame game and heat on #Bjp government.

Anup Mirashi ‏@Zigaeflann: #bangaloreblast reactions from some party workers only show how we're being ruled by insensitive morons.

Vinay Narayana Swamy ‏@vinaynx: BJP blames the Congres. Congress blame BJP. When will we stop blaming & start doing something about these terrorist attacks.

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