How Mulayam's unpredictable politics could boomerang on SP

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Mulayam Singh
New Delhi, March 29: Mulayam Singh Yadav seems to have been experiencing the taste of real politics. The Samajwadi Party supremo, who is believed to aspire for a Third Front, now has been cornered ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha elections.

After Manmohan Singh, now BJP also clarified its stand saying, "We have never had and will never have any alliance with Mulayam Singh."

Slamming Mulayam over his latest stand on UPA alliance, BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday, March 29 said, "There have been talks of Third Front. Third front is history in the politics of India, it has no relevance in present and future."

The BJP leader claimed that Samajwadi Party should withdraw its support from the Centre if the latter feels that UPA is corrupt.

Ravi Shankar Prasad's statement on Mulayam surfaced when the latter claimed, "Right now withdrawing support has not been discussed in the party. Now there is no question of SP withdrawing support to the UPA government. Why withdraw support and make the government fall when it's a matter of just eight-nine months."

Earlier the same Samajwadi Party leader had termed the Congress as unreliable. He also said that neither the Congress nor the BJP would be able to form the government in 2014. Citing Mulayam's remark on Congress, many had predicted that his party would call off its outside support from UPA.

However, Mulayam's sudden change shocked many and it is believed that Prime Minister Mannmohan Singh's latest remark might have compelled the former to take a U-turn.

When asked about Mulayam's earlier threat to pull out support to his government, the PM said, "It is not a once for all set-up that we are seeking by way of reforms. Reforms certainly have to take into account the fact that we don't have the majority to get the Parliament to approve some of our reform proposals."

"So we are certainly dependent on the goodwill of our allies and I would be the last one to deny that there are uncertainties. But even then, we are confident that the reforms that matter, and which are going to yield results in the next few months, we will be able to push them," added the PM.

Speaking to reporters onboard the Air India One on his flight back after the BRICS Summit in Durban (South Africa) on Thursday, Singh said, "I am confident that our government will complete full five years, the next Lok Sabha elections will take place on schedule."

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