Lokpal: Fuming Team Anna at a press conference

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Team Anna
New Delhi, Dec 10: Team Anna core committee members addressed a press conference ahead of their proposed day-long protest in New Delhi, on Sunday, Dec 10.

Senior advocate Shanhti Bhusan was first to make statement for media. He said that anti-corruption crusaders had high hopes from the standing committee. "What was the need to make such a big comedy of Lokpal," he questioned Parliament panel. Meanwhile, Shanhti Bhushan accused Abhishek Manu Singhvi of misleading the nation.

Pointing out that Lokpal has not been provided with any investigating authority, Mr Bhushan questioned If Lokpal cannot investigate, why institute a Lokpal? He ridiculed government's Lokpal a clerical institution.

Prashant Bhusan, in his statement said, " the biggest corruption is that the investigating agency is an arm of the government."

Being sarcastic on the final draft of government's Lokpal, Prashanth Bhusan said, Standing Committee's draft bill should be called promotion of corruption by way of confusion bill."

"The independence of the investigating agency is essential to check corruption. GramSabhas and people at large should be consulted before the law is passed" he added.

Prashant Bhusan warning of mass agitation for strong Lokpal asserted, "If Lokpal isn't passed in the winter session what choice does the citizen have but to agitate?"

Medha Patkar addressed media with calling the Lokpal draft a political betrayal. "This is not a Lokpal bill this is Shashakpal bill. This bill is an insult to parliament," she added.

Post Ms Patkat, Anna's key aide, Arvind Kejriwal took the mic to bombard government and parliamentary panel with slew of charges. He first amounted allegations on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, for outcome of alleged frail Lokpal bill. He said that the committee has only worked at the behest of Rahul.

"The Judiciary, MPs, Prime Minister, CBI, CVC, Group D employees everyone has been left out of the Lokpal. They haven't agreed to any of our demands," said fuming Kehriwal.

Calling that government's Lokpal will be a new den of corrupts, he said, "Lokpal will be corrupt, the institution will be corrupt, its employees will be corrupt and it will not be our fault."

As Kejriwal finished his speech, Gandhian Anna Hazare, stick to his guns against government. Anna said, "This his a cheating on part of government."

Anna accused government of not submitting their demands in front of the Cabinet. He alleged that their bill was not debated in Parliament. He supposed someone's hands behind the frail Lokpal draft as he held Rahul Gandhi accountable for the final outcome of ant-corruption bill.

Anna said that his protest at Jantar Mantar will be against standing committee for letting them down.

Pitting on the parliament logjam, he demand to make up for the lost days in the Winter Session. And ordered to extend the session and pass the bill. Otherwise he warned an anti-Congress camping in upcoming elections in five states.

Taking a notorious stand against Rahul Gandhi's PM candidature news, Anna said that People are assuming Rahul will become the Prime Minister. If that happens it will be the biggest harm of this country. He warned Congress of protest during elections against the party and at the Union election that is two years away.

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