Internet savvy youth, gays haunt Lalu Prasad?

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Lalu Prasad Yadav
New Delhi, Aug 12: The former chief minister of Bihar and RJD leader, Lalu Prasad Yadav raised his voice against the "deteriorating values" in India. Lalu, cursing the influence of internet and other West based technology, demanded a debate on India's "degrading" values.

On Thursday, Aug 11, Lalu in Rajya Sabha asserted, "Where is our country headed to?" Lalu's cry came after observing the growing tendency of gay marriages, homosexuality and other cultures among the Indian youth which initially were found mainly in the West countries.

Pointing at the recent stalk walk in Delhi, "Thousands of people marched on roads stripped, wearing colourful tattoos... they were celebrating. This is a serious issue and we demand a discussion on it."

Referring to a Delhi court's decision on decriminalising same-sex relations among consenting adults, the RJD leader said, "Woman will marry woman. And you are accepting it silently."

Without sparing US and rest of the West countries, Lalu stated, "Vulgarity, internet chatting, Valentine Day, ipod, Facebook - all these things have been brought from America, and that is why obscenity is growing. We are losing our cultural values, legacies."

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