Chinese romantic poet Li Bai gets Google doodle

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Li Bai Google doodle
Beijing, Feb 28: Despite its setback in China, internet giant Google continued its doodle mystery on its homepage. Google featured an attractive doodle on its Hong Kong search engine homepage to mark the birthday of famous Tang Dynasty romantic poet Li Bai.

Li Bai is known as a major Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty poetry period. He has been regarded as one of the greatest poets in China's Tang period, which is often called China's 'Golden Age' of poetry.

Around a thousand existing poems are attributed to him, but the authenticity of many of these is uncertain. Thirty-four of his poems are included in the popular anthology, Three Hundred Tang Poems.

Li Bai is famous in the West in the name Li Po for his translations, adaptations, and much inspiration. Li Bai has been notted for his continuity of poetic tradition, glorification of alcoholic beverages and use of persona. Critics focused on the fantastic extremes of some of his imagery, violations of formal poetic rules and his ability to combine all of these with a seeming effortless virtuosity in order to produce inimitable poetry.

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