Sound-sensitive Robot, a companion for all ages

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Tokyo, Jul 29: A faithful partner, who accompany you at several times, had come in the form of a sound-sensitive Robot, Chapit.

Thousands of visitors were attracted by the Robot during an expo in Tokyo as Japan adapts to changes in society.

Robots, such as the sound-sensitive Chapit, answer simple questions and even joke with people to help the solitary fight loneliness and stay alert in old age.

The robot can also use the Internet to find a simple image and then draw pictures, keeping children company while parents work.

"Communication robots accompany people and don't mind listening to the same stories over and over again," said one expo organizer.

He also added, "we have developed a robot that can assist many people, but because of the high cost, we still haven't found a sponsor."

He, however, also claimed, "in the current economic environment there are few companies willing to invest in such a costly project."

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