Wild bison kills one to death, injures six in West Bengal

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Dalsingpara (Jalpaiguri) West Bengal, March 22 (ANI): A wild bison turned a major public nuisance after it strayed out of its habitat and walked into Dalsingpara village in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal on Sunday (March 21).

It went on rampage and gored one person to death and injured six others. alsingpara is located near the Chilapata Reserve Forest. Probably, separated from the herd, the bison strayed into this village and literally created havoc among the locals, running to and fro, sparing none who came in its way.

Jainath Kharia, a resident of Dalsingpara, was standing outside his house when the animal rushed in and gored him to death on the spot.

Six others villagers had to be rushed to the nearby hospital after getting injured. They are presently undergoing treatment for serious injuries inflicted by the bison.

"Around 5:30 in morning we came to know that a wild bison had entered our village and injured a lady living in our neighbourhood. She is being treated in the hospital now. Then we realised that something major is happening. The animal then injured one or two more persons and altogether we came to know that five people were injured. The Forest Department's Rangers and the police then appeared on the scene and managed to control the situation," said Mou Sen, a young girl of Dalsingpara.

It was early morning when the wild animal went on a rampage and thus there were less number of casualties.

"My mother was about to go to the bathroom when the animal came in and hit her. I started to scream and had I not shouted, the animal would have gored my mother to death," said Priyanka Saha, whose mother was attacked by the bison.

The Forest Rangers and the police personnel were called in thereafter to control the wild animal. It was tranquillised and trapped.

Later, it was loaded on a truck and taken back to the forest area.

The Chilapata Reserve Forest is a dense jungle skirting the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars region of Jalpaiguri district.

The forest is host to many wild animals and bison being one of them. (ANI)

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