Mysterious Saddam Hussein channel hits Iraq TV

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London, Nov.30 (ANI): Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is the star of a mysterious channel on satellite TV in Iraq that began broadcasting on the Islamic calendar's anniversary of his 2006 execution.

According to The Telegraph, the channel, which is broadcast across the Arab world, dredges up the sectarian divisions that Saddam inspired among Shias and Sunnis at a time when Iraq is gearing up for crucial national elections Photo: AP The origins and backers of the so-called Saddam Channel remain unclear.

The Iraqi government said it suspected that Baathists, whose political party Saddam once led, were behind the broadcasts.

But Mohammed Jarboua, who claimed to be chairman of the new venture, was quoted as saying that there was no Baathist link, and that the channel was for Iraqis and other Arabs who supported the late dictator.

Saddam's hanging three years ago was on the first day of Eid al-Adha, the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar. His execution - and the day it was done - remains a sore point for Saddam sympathisers still smarting over images of the defiant leader in his final moments as Shias in the death chamber shouted curses.

The Saddam Channel debuted on Friday, the first day of this year's Eid for Sunnis.

The station's official name alternates between "Al-Lafeta" ("the banner") and "Al-Arabi" ("the Arab"). (ANI)

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