Mumbai observes the first anniversary of 26/11 terror attack

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Mumbai, Nov 26 (ANI): Mumbai, which is still trying to recover from the scars of last year's 26/11 terrorist attacks, marked the first anniversary of the horrific incident, by lighting candles outside the Gateway of India and at the Taj Hotel and prayed for tranquility and a brighter hope for the city that saw 166 innocent people killed without reason.

Mumbaikars went around the Taj Hotel; one of the sites attacked by terrorists, chanting slogans of peace and reminiscencing about those who had died last year during a three day siege.

"We want peace. We have come to pay homage to our soldiers who laid their lives for us and for the country," said Shakuntla Devi, a local.

Hundreds of youngsters, men and women, drew paintings, wrote peace messages and put hand impressions on a one-and-a-half-kilometer long wall on Wednesday (November 25) - saying the city stood united against any future attacks on this cosmopolitan fabric.

Some of the peace messages and symbols like red paint symbolising blood, black paint symbolising fear and death and messages like 'we will not forget' featured prominently on the wall.

Shaina NC, a Mumbai-based fashion designer-turned politician, and one of the brains behind the wall, said the wall was an outlet for Mumbai residents to pour out their feelings.

"I think Mumbai is definitely more sensitive, if you take this as a viewing what has happened today in this one-and-half-kilometer you will see how beautifully people envisage a brighter future, a future of unity, and that happens with togetherness," she said.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan also wrote his own message of peace on the wall.

Ten gunmen had landed on Mumbai shores by boats at sunset on November 26, 2008 and fired randomly inside a railway station, a Jewish settlement, a cafe and two luxury hotels.

Several people were held hostage for the next three days and at least 166 died before commandoes smoked out the last of the terrorists on November 28 last year.

One gunman, Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, who claims to be Pakistani national, was taken alive and is presently, facing trial in a special court in Mumbai. (ANI)

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