"Flying saucer-shaped" cloud spotted in Romanian skies

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London, October 27 (ANI): A flying saucer-shaped cloud was seen in Romania recently.

It was outlined by a ring of sunlight, apparently making it look like an alien aircraft, when seen from a distance. similar sight was witnessed in Moscow recently but meteorologists had explained that the phenomenon was an optical effect produced by rare weather conditions.

Seemingly, both clips show a formation known as a "fallstreak hole", which occurs when moisture in the air cools below 0C but is unable to turn into ice.

As most of the "supercooled" water remains suspended in the sky, rings of ice forms and plunge to earth, creating holes in the cloud layer, reports the Telegraph.

And the luminous effect is due to the sun positioned low in the sky.

However, the new clip from Romania, which was shot at the end of last week, has once again sparked alien rumors, with people commenting on blogs.

A user of Live Leak website wrote: "How come I have never seen clouds that look like that. Now we get two in a matter of weeks in different places."

Another with a user name of Raginswirler posted: "Run the two videos and put them beside each other... It's very strange... are they here?" (ANI)

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