Goa police crack four murders and arrest four persons

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Panaji, Oct 16 (ANI): The Goa police on Friday claimed to have solved the mystery of four persons, who were murdered, with the arrest of four suspects in Panaji.

"In Panaji Creek, four bodies were found on Wednesday evening and a murder case was registered in Panjim. Investigations were taken in right earnest and four persons have been arrested in this case," said Rajendra Yadav, Deputy Inspector General, Goa Police.

He also said the arrested persons were petty thieves who had intentions of burgling the house in which the four were residing. When Solanke, the owner of the house, spotted and countered them, the thieves murdered him and the other three.

"The criminals had gone there to steal scrap lying over there. On that, the old man objected. The criminals assaulted the old man, woman and the children. Their bodies were later dumped in water. That is how those bodies were found floating in water," added Yadav.

Those arrested have been identified as Babu Reddy, Videsh, Pritesh Karmalkar and Sudesh.

The bodies of the four persons were found floating in the Rua de Ourem, a creek which flows on the outskirts of Panjim on Wednesday evening.

Earlier, ten dead bodies including seven women and a minor were found by the Goa Police around Panaji, which in turn caused a mass scare across the state.

Crimes against women in Goa have hit the spotlight in the last couple of years. (ANI)

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