Porn as bad as guns for kids, says Oz politician

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Melbourne, September 10 (ANI): A senior member of the Liberal Party of Australia has warned against children's exposure to pornography at home, saying viewing of the restricted material is as dangerous as guns for kids.

Scott Morrison suggested that laws should be introduced Down Under forbidding parents from letting their kids watch the explicit content.

"It is not acceptable to knowingly or negligently expose a child to pornographic material. To do so in my view is child abuse, " quoted Morrison as telling Federal Parliament.

"Even those who would defend an adult's right to porn would surely not oppose any restriction or sanction placed on parents who knowingly or negligently expose their children to this abuse," he added.

The 41-year old also said that porn should be treated like dangerous firearms and kept under lock and key to protect youngsters from its risks, that include developing sexually deviant tendencies, committing sexual offences and having difficulties with intimate relationships.

Morrison said: "Any ammunition must be stored in a locked and separate container, it must be put in a locked receptacle which is very solid, and failure to meet these requirements attracts a jail sentence.

"If we can protect our children from guns then we should also be aware of the loaded gun that is lying around in the homes of thousands of Australians on their computer, on their coffee table, in their bathroom or in their bookcase." (ANI)

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