India to focus on enhancing Adaptation Fund at Poznan Meeting

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New Delhi, Nov 26 (UNI) Strenthening the Adapatation Fund under the Kyoto Protocol for meeting the challenge of the impending climate change would be one of the major thrusts of India's efforts at the coming Conference of Parties (CoP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) to be held from December 1 to 12 at Poznan in Poland.

India would also try for expediting work for creation of a mechanism to address all aspects of cooperation on technology development and transfer, Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests Vijay Sharma told a press conference here ahead of his departure for Poznan.

An inter-ministerial delegation from India consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Ministry of External Affair, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Planning Commission and experts drawn from various governmental and other institutions will be attending the CoP.

Last meeting of the Confrence of Parties(CoP-13) was held at Bali in December 2007 where an action plan was adopted by the international Community to address urgent global concerns.

The Bali Action Plan mandates the Parties to negotiate and secure full, effective and sustained implementation of the Convention through long-term cooperative action now, up to and beyond 2012.

The negotiations were aimed at identifying the specific elements of a shared vision for long-term cooperative action amongst the parties for mitigation of climate change, adapatation to climate change, and transfer of technology and provision of financial resources to support actions for mitigation and adpatation.

Thus Mitigation, Adapatation, Technology Transfer and provision of Financial Resources are the four pillars of Bali Action Plan.

Mr Sharma said the Poznan meeting was expected to achieve the identification of the possible elements of a shared vision for a long-term and mid-term goal for stabilisation of Green House Gas(GHG) Besides, it is to identify the measures necessary for emission reduction by the Annex 1 Parties and evolve the financial architecture of convention fund, strengthen the adaptation measure and facilitate the transfer of climate friendly technology.

He said adaptation was a priority for India, given the country's high vulnerability to climate change and the fact that its impacts could pose a significant risk to economic and social development and poverty removal efforts.

India wants the CoP to focus on a set of core principles that would guide the approach for enhancing the implementation of adaptation, he said.

These principles could cover the generation of resources, the delivery of resources and the institutional arrangements required for the purpose.

''These principles may be given a more precise operational form through the ongoing deliberations, and new mechanism for adaptation that captures these principles might be created through the negotiations under the Bali Action Plan,'' he said.

Mr Sharma said at present the adapatation fund was very small whereas it required 62 to 80 billion dollar. ''This cannot be obtained from the market, so parties should get together to provide it,'' he said.


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