'Maoists-UML alliance disaster for Nepal'

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Kathmandu, Jun 26: Former deputy prime minister and senior UML leader KP Oli has said the emerging alliance between Maoists and the UML will be a disaster for the country, and has stressed the need to continue the politics of consensus. ''Nepali Congress, being the second largest political party in the Constituent Assembly has a natural claim for president'' the Kathmandu Post quoted Mr Oli as saying.

''Nepali Congress should be given second choice after the Maoists in sharing power to maintain the politics of consensus,'' he said, adding any attempt to break the consensus through a foul game of majority and minority would plunge the country into serious crisis.'' The UML leader's statement has come when Maoists and UML are preparing to form the government, excluding the major ally of the seven parties- the Nepali Congress which led the alliance during the peace process.

The UML decided to join the Maoists-led government without the participation of Nepali Congress after the Maoists said they would support UML's former general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal for the post of President.

Nepali Congress, that had proposed Girija Prasad Koirala for the post, said it will not join the government and will be in opposition.

Mr Oli said the Maoists did not have a constitutional right to choose who should be the next president.

''Since the Maoists couldn't secure majority in the Constituent Assembly polls, it can't say who will be the next president,'' he said.

''The Maoists don't even have the right to claim the premiership.

It is the generosity of the Nepali Congress and other political parties to let them head the next government.'' Stating that the UML is competent enough to take up the responsibility of the next president, he said, ''But UML should never claim the post of president if that breaks up the current politics of consensus.'' He said the left alliance is not favourable for the peace process. ''Left alliance is possible only within the broader framework of a democratic alliance. The Maoist-UML alliance is against the spirit of the current broader democratic alliance and will be a disaster for the country.'' Claiming that the Maoists have been playing foul by using various power centers for its vested interest, he said, ''They used the King and Nepali Congress in the past and are now using the UML. Unfortunately, the UML has become their pawn.'' ''The spirit of the people's verdict through the Constituent Assembly polls is for the politics of consensus and the nation will plunge into serious crisis once parties begin playing the game of majority and minority,'' he said.

The Maoists are looking for a 'puppet' as president to continue their totalitarian ambitions, he added.

On the formation of the next government, he said the UML should never join the Maoist-led government in the absence of the Nepali Congress for it would be acting as a ladder for the Maoists to capture state power. ''It will be a road to disaster for both the party and the country,'' he added.


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