Exiled Tibetans press for constructive dialogue on Tibetan issue

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New Delhi, June 2 : Exiled Tibetans took out a candle light procession here last evening, demanding a meaningful and constructive dialogue on achieving freedom of their homeland.

Protesters reiterated their demand to speed up the dialogue process and said that their struggle against the Chinese oppression would continue to grow stronger with each passing day.

"Dialogue is the only solution to this problem. The Chinese Government is delaying this dialogue. The main reason is that they think that with passing of His Holiness as well as the Tibetan issue will just die away, but that is not so. We the new generation are over here to carry forward the struggle," said Jigme Yeshi, a Tibetan student.

"This is in one sense a warning and a statement to People's Republic of China that as long as Tibetans are on the face of this planet the issue of Tibet will remain alive and it will grow more," added Jigme.

The procession was an attempt by the Tibetans youth to let the Chinese Government know that the younger generation is continuing with their struggle and there won't be any let down in their spirit.

The youngsters mobilizing global support on the Tibet issue also carried out a mock funeral for all those killed during the Chinese crackdown in Tibet.

Holding banners and placards the Tibetan youth marched in solidarity and also prayed for world peace.

Tibetans demanding restoration of human rights in Tibet also urged International Olympic Committee to tell China to stick to the Olympic charter as the charter stands for justice, freedom, truth and human rights.

The Tibetans protests that started on March 10, marking their uprising day spilled out of Tibet and parts of China to other parts of the globe.

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