Ludhiana students make a film on HIV/AIDS awareness

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Ludhiana, Feb.4 : A group of students in Ludhiana have made documentary film on HIV/AIDS awareness. Despite the subject eing quite challenging for school kids, the attempt has been ppreciated by all.

Even when the actors, technicians and director of the film Choti i Aasha (the little hope) were not hardcore professionals, veryone was resolute to play a role for public awareness on IV/AIDS. They spent their vacation to complete the documentary ilm.

Student Director, said: "The film mainly appeals people that it's he knowledge of this HIV/AIDS disease that can prevent and educe the affect and amount of the HIV virus and disease."

Karanbeer Singh, Student cameraman, said: "From this film we earnt that AIDS does not spread by touching anyone, as by ouching we can only spread love. So AIDS is not a disease preads infection by touching."

It took four months to complete the film "Choti Si Aasha" which s about an HIV/AIDS affected girl whose parents have die of isease. Her aunt adopts the orphan girl, despite husband's bjection she helps her in getting admission in a school. The oral support of aunty helps the little girl to fight HIV/AIDS.

The film was finished with the technical assistance by a Delhi-ased NGO. But the major contribution in acting and production as of students of Ryan International School, Ludhiana.

Not just schoolchildren but some parents have also acted in the ilm to fight and spread mass awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Madame Grace Pinto, the activist and Founder Director of Ryan oundation, said: "We have to prevent the AIDS. We really want to nform everyone and aware them about HIV/AIDS. We should not let t move into our society and ensure the affected do not die of t. The affected people also have a right to live. We want to say hat all of us enjoy the same right to live but how that depends n us."

The portrayal of characters and the plight of the affected child n day to day life was something that made everyone in the packed o capacity auditorium turn emotional during the film.

The school has also approached the Punjab health ministry to show he film in other parts of the State for mass awareness.

The students, teachers and parents were all smiles that they were art of an attempt that has earned admiration of one and all.

Rajnish Bhurjee, a parent and artist, said: "I feel very proud ecause they worked for a very special cause and I think all the chools, should get a message from this movie. They should make uch programmes, so that kids get awareness about AIDS and out ountry get transformed."

Amarjeet, another parent, said: "I feel great as schools have tarted raising such concerns, then definitely people like us ill also stand-up in support of AIDS victims and will adopt hem. It's an indescribable feeling."

The film appears a small but effective attempting that there is till a big hope to curb HIV/AIDS and add joy to the affected ndividuals through awareness. By Karan Kapoor

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