Helmet to reverse Alzheimer's symptoms

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London, Jan 25 (UNI) An experimental helmet which could reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease within weeks of being used is to be tried out on patients.

The strange-looking headgear, which has to be worn for ten minutes daily, bathes the brain with infra-red light and stimulates the growth of brain cells, scientists say.

The creator of the helmet Dr Gordon Dougal, a director of Virulite, a medical research company based in County Durham, believes it could reverse the symptoms of dementia-- such as memory loss and anxiety-- after just four weeks.

The creation of the helmet follows a study at the University of Sunderland which found infra-red light can reverse memory loss in mice.

Dr Dougal said, ''Currently all you can do with dementia is to slow down the rate of decay, but this new process will not only stop that rate of decay but partially reverse it,'' he said.

''We could also be able to affect and change the rate at which our bodies age, in the future,'' the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.


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