Re-entry was most difficult: ESA astronaut

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Hyderabad, Sep 28 (UNI) Sharing his experience aboard Russian Soyuz vehicle, an Italian Astronaut of European Space Agency (ESA) Orberto Vittori today said re-entry of the space craft to the earth's atmosphere was the most difficult part of the entire journey.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 58th Astronautical Congress here, Mr Vittori, who flew twice--in 2002 and 2005-- said getting the space craft and the space station connected, while travelling at such a speed was also difficult.'' Describing the International Space Station (ISS) as ''the biggest success of international cooperation,'' Mr Vittori said it offered an excellent research opportunity specially in the field of medical science, biotechnology and the impact of zero gravity on human beings.

After his return, the 43-year-old felt very weak as he had not used his muscles or the 'gravity-senses' at zero gravity.

''During the return journey, when the Soyuz was 100 km away, the craft comprising of three modules broke up with a huge explosion,'' he recalled.

He said the lit off was quite compared to that of the Hyper Sonic aircrafts.

Mr Vittori, a fighter pilot, who underwent training at NASA to become an astronaut, said that if offered, he would prefer to go to the Mars.

The astronaut hoped that in future, the Moon would become a human base and an industrial area.

''The space flight is unique, it changes your view of the world.

No film or picture can help in describing the sensation of that breathless moment.'' UNI

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