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Why walnut may be the best nut for heart health

Gowrish Babu
Every year on 29th of September, people all around the world observe World Heart Day.
Keeping heart healthy is crucial and to keep it healthy, you need a well-balanced diet.
One such heart-friendly food is walnut which helps in lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body and also ensures that your heart remains in the pink of health.
Do you know eating walnuts as part of a healthy diet may decrease your risk of heart disease? Yes, you read it right!
You can easily eat 1-2 nuts on a daily basis but not more than that. An excess consumption of walnuts can lead to stomach ache, diarrhea, weight gain and even pimples.
Though you can consume them raw, studies suggest that the best way to consume walnuts is after soaking them overnight.
So, what is the best time to eat? One can either eat walnuts as a mid-morning or an evening snack.
This will not only satiate hunger pangs but also give an energy boost to your body. They can also be eaten on an empty stomach but the walnut oil might cause stomach irritation in a few.
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