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Now profile pics within Whatsapp group chats on Desktop

WhatsApp new feature: View profile pics within group chats on Desktop
Gowrish Babu
WhatsApp is now releasing a new feature that will let you view profile photos within group chats on desktop!
With this new feature, the profile icons will show up next to chat bubbles.
In case, a group member didn’t set up a profile photo or it is hidden due to their privacy settings, the default profile icon shows up.
This feature will help identify group members for which we don’t have the phone number or when they have the same name.
This feature has been released to some beta testers after installing the WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2245.3 update and it is rolling out to more accounts over the coming days.
The same feature will also be released on WhatsApp beta for Android in the future.
Recently, WhatsApp removed the ability to send and open 'view once' images and videos for added privacy.
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