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Myths about dieting

Gowrish Babu
The internet is full of tips to diet and how you can follow an effective weight loss programme
Here are some myths about dieting you should stop believing
Sea salt has as much sodium as table salt and has no unique benefits
Drink the right amount of water. Drinking more water than required could actually be harmful
Instead of loading too much much have a more balanced diet along with a physical activity
Eating sugar does not put you at a higher risk of diabetes if do not already have it. Watch your weight instead.Inactivity can lead to diabetes
If consumed in moderation, coffee has many antioxidants and phytochemical. The caffeine in the coffee can also give a good boost
Don’t cut down on carbs totally. Have a balanced meal which includes all food groups
It is a myth that to eat healthy you need to spend more. Eat seasonal foods and eat local
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